Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Jon Bon Jovi!

So today is the 50th birthday of my favorite celebrity Jon Bon Jovi. A lot of people always ask me why I like Jon so much and I thought today to honor his birthday I would give you 50 reasons on why I love him.

1. Well hello, have you looked at him. He is a hottie.
2. His voice soothes my soul and makes me feel better on a bad day.
3. He isn't a druggie like a lot of rockstars.
4. He is confident, but humble at the same time. He remembers his roots and the blue collar way he grew up even though he is a billionaire now.
5. He loves his wife and has said on more than one occasion that "he got it right the first time" despite the fact that she isn't a model. They have been married now for 20 plus years.
6. He loves his kids and protects them from the media.
7. He isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, literally. He is frequently found washing dishes at the charity restaurant that he has that helps feed the hungry and the homeless.
8. He does a lot of service and uses his fame and money to do good.
9. He reminds me of my teenage years.
10. I love his laugh.
11. He doesn't take himself too seriously.
12. He writes songs that bring people Hope.
13. He is a talented musician and songwriter.
14. I love his hair now and back in the 80's :)
15. He ages well unlike some 80's rockstars who look all tore up now.
16. Have you seen that body? A very fit 50 year old.
17. He recognizes talent and has helped many famous to get their start.
18. He never went to college, but used life as his university.
19. He works extremely hard.
20. He is a straight shooter and doesn't baffle you with the BS.
21. He doesn't air his dirty laundry in public.
22. Yes he does look good in leather pants.
23. He knows how to get the crowd excited at concerts. 
24. He sounds amazing live.
25. He has a great sense of humor.
26. He is loyal to his friends.
27. His smile is contagious.
28. He isn't perfect and I like that.
29. He is great at business.
30. He has always known what he wanted to do and who he wanted to be.
31. He involves his family in his jobs. His mom and brothers have both worked with him.
32. He tackles things without fear. Like acting.
33. He has beautiful blue eyes.
34. His songs are like poetry.
35. He loves sports.
36. He isn't afraid to try new things. Like country music
37. He causes my mother to want to fight drunks at his concert. (If you haven't heard the story, I will have to tell you sometime).
38. He is extremely patriotic. Both of his parents were Marines. He loves his country.
39. He is very honest about how he went through a depression for a time and music saved him. Music does the same for me.
40. His music knows no age and even young kids like my niece and nephew love jamming out to his music. Kendyl is adorable when she sings "You Give Love a Bad Name".
41. He is most proud of his family out of all his successes.
42. He has one of those voices that you can just recognize immediately.
43. He is on the White House Council for Community Solutions. He wants to improve our country.
44. Has been voted "sexiest rock star".
45. He is a musical genius.
46. He is alive and well. Despite rumors to the contrary a month or so ago.
47. He just makes me happy.
48. He is #1 on my bucket list and hope one day I get to meet him.
49. He doesn't mind friendly stalkers like myself.
50. He is an all around great guy!

Yes I seem a little creepy, but I promise I am not a creeper. I love him like a friendly fan would. I am not going to go breaking into his house or anything like that. Happy Birthday to him and I hope he has 50 more :).


  1. LOVE IT! My little sister Kenzie always says how's your friend that loves Bon Jovi!? :)

  2. That's funny Rachael. I see your sisters all the time, but I am not sure if they would remember who I am or not so I never say anything to them. I miss seeing you though. We should do lunch or something and catch up sometime cute girl!