Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Matt Nathanson and Kelly Clarkson

 Last Tuesday, I went to the Matt Nathanson and Kelly Clarkson concert. I have seen Kelly a couple times in concert and she always puts on a great show and has an amazing voice. I have seen Matt Nathanson once when he opened for Lifehouse and I loved him live. He is not only a good singer and songwriter, but he is hilarious. He cracks jokes and makes you laugh. Humor is an attractive trait to me and I have a small crush on him. He's married though so it just has to be an innocent crush :(. I really love his music though and my Matt Nathanson station on Pandora is one of my favorites. Matt came in concert a couple months ago and I planned to go and then I got sick right before the concert and couldn't. I told myself that the next time he came I would go no matter what. It made it even better that he came with Kelly since I enjoy them both live. I am just sad that Matt didn't play longer than what he did. I could listen to him for hours.
Anyway, so my friends Mandy and Heather went to the concert with me. Mandy was with me the last time we saw Kelly in concert in Orem and we had such a good time. I knew she would want to go again. Another friend was going to go with us, but life got a little hectic and she was going to be unable to make it. Heather responded to a post I put on facebook about an extra ticket and I am glad she did. Heather has done many concerts with me: Bon Jovi in Vegas, Brad Paisley, Poison and Def Leppard, and Daughtry. She is always fun at a concert. Mandy and I drove to Heather's house in Farmington to pick her up and then we drove to the Maverik Center a little early so we could go eat before. We went to Applebee's and I devoured my Asian Chicken Salad. We had a good time talking and catching up with each other. Heather recently got engaged and so we were talking about her and her plans. Her fiance has four kids and she has two, so it will be a full house when they get married in June. I am so happy for her. She went through a lot of rough stuff with her first marriage and deserves to be happy. Mandy, Heather, and I have grown up with each other and have known each other since we were small. I remember riding my bike to both of their houses in the summer and playing until it was dark. I am grateful to have such great friends that I have known for so long. They are lots of fun and I love them both! The concert was wonderful and both Matt and Kelly put on a great show! It was a fun night and definitely worth the trip to Salt Lake. We need to do it more often ladies! Here are some pictures and video from the evening. 
Heather (w/glasses), me, and Mandy
Heather (w/o glasses), me, and Mandy
Yes I love him.
Heather and I excited for Kelly to come out.

A little of Kelly singing a cover of The Goo Goo Dolls "Iris".
A slow version of one my favorite Kelly songs "Never Again".
A little of Matt singing "Run", my favorite song on his new album.

Great night that we for sure need to do again! What is one of your favorite bands or singers that you have seen in concert?

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