Monday, March 26, 2012

The Unreality Life of a Soap Opera

So after my last post, I thought we could use something more light and funny in nature. I remember growing up my mom would watch soap operas. In fact, for some reason I have a memory of my mom with the ironing board out and ironing clothes while she watched General Hospital when I was young. Such a random and strange memory, yet it makes me smile. As a teenager, I started watching them too. I think it started as boredom during the summer and I just got hooked. I currently still watch General Hospital in the morning as I get ready for work. Yay for the power of DVR. I have told myself several times that it is silly and I am not going to watch it anymore, but I continue to do so. There are so many things about the soap opera world that are just ridiculous and so unreal to actual life. I thought I would list a few of the unreality:
1.  It isn't uncommon for women to have children with more than one man. In fact, one character on GH right now has three children with three different men.
2. Paternity tests are more common than they should be.
3. People always cheat on their spouses. Hence the need for so many paternity tests.
4. Nobody ever tells the truth and the truth always comes out in some dramatic way.
5. Children age quickly on soaps. One day, they will be babies and the next week suddenly they are re-cast as a teenager.
6. No one seems to die of old age and almost every death seems to be a tragic one.
7. People come back from death a lot. Or their deaths were "faked" somehow.
8. People are instantly re-cast and look totally different and yet no one seems to notice.
9. It seems the good people in the shows even committ murder and rarely is anyone ever punished for one.
10. The mob are the heroes in the show.
11. Ridiculous stories of children they never knew they had, being possessed by the devil, cloning, dolls that come to life, and even aliens are not seen as odd.
12. Evil twins always seem to be more common than not. (There are a lot of things I wish I could blame on an evil twin).
13. Babies are frequently switched at birth.
14. One night can last a month on a soap.
15. There never seem to be working they are at work.

These are just some of the the ridiculous things I could think of. I am sure there is more. I think the reason I keep watching is that I can escape the reality of my life and watch the craziness on a soap and I can feel better about my own life. I can escape the reality and visit the unreality if not for just once a day. How many of you will admit to watching soaps and what are some of the most ridiculous storylines you have seen? What are your thoughts?

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