Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A very Lady A Valentine's!

My family and I spent our Valentine's night at the Lady Antebellum concert! We had so much fun. We started it off with some shopping at my favorite store H&M (bought some cute clothes), then a yummy dinner, and then some singing and dancing at the concert. Thompson Square (the "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not" singers), Darius Rucker (Hootie!), and Lady A. I remember going to the very first concert of theirs when there were just a few hundred people there and their first CD had just come out. Now they are huge and sold out the Energy Solutions Arena. Such a good band live. We had a few dramatic moments at the concert like the girl who threw up in the row in front of us and the two dudes who almost fought next to us, but aside from all that we managed to love the show. I had bought tickets on a pre-sale through the fan club and in order to discourage scalpers from buying the tickets we didn't know exactly where they were going to be until we picked them up at will call. But we were on the 8th row on the floor and they were great seats! We were just right of the stage and the big walkway. Lady A had a dance contest for the whole crowd before the show to win tickets into the pit and Mandy and I had so much fun dancing to LMFAO and Whitney Houston that we didn't even care if we won or who was watching cuz we were shufflin :). I can't think of a group that I would want to spend time with more than my family. I love them so much and we had a wonderful time together. Here are some pictures from the show!

Mandy and Wes before the show.

Mandy and I. I am not sure what caught my eye but it wasn't the camera. I am looking somewhere else but Mandy looks cute :)

The girls at the show.

 Thompson Square!

 Darius Rucker!

 I loved him because he sang a lot of Hootie and the Blowfish songs too.

 Lady A! This would have been an ever more awesome picture if Mandy didn't get her hand in the way. Unfortunately I have a lot of pictures of her hand :).

 This was awesome. There was this cute 3 year old girl that was in the front that they brought up on stage with them to sing one of the songs.

 Jammin with Thompson Square and Darius on stage.

 They certainly "Owned the Night". Loved it.

This picture had absolutely nothing to do with the concert, but I uploaded it at the same time as the other pictures and I loved it. How cute is my sweet little pooch? She's adorable and I love her so much that I had to share it!

Here is some video from the concert and one of my favorite songs "As You Turn Away". Just a little bit of it. I love this song and was so glad that they sang it!

Such a fun night!

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