Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rough weekend and the power of music

So I know I have talked about trying to get over this sinus infection that I have had for over a month that just keeps hanging on. I had hoped that round 3 of antibiotics was going to be the trick for me and I would start feeling better. Things started to get worse though on Thursday night when I had a fever just before bed. I took some medicine, but had a rough night of sleep. I also had this weird bump on the back of my head that had showed up out of the blue. I felt terrible Friday, but the fever was gone so I figured I could make it through work. I also had to go have another biopsy (#4 I believe) for the abnormal cells that I keep getting on my cervix. Stupid female stuff and I knew I couldn't cancel the appointment. So I made it through both the doctor appointment and work, but was ready to collapse at about 4:00 so I left work a little early. The doctor did tell me the bump on the back of my head was an enlarged lymph node. Odd never had one of those before. Anyway, I got home and then just started to feel worse. I started having the chills, aches, and my fever spiked again. I thought for sure I had the flu. Then about 8:00 that night I started to get hives on my arms. I wondered if I was having a delayed reaction to the antibiotic I was on so I didn't take the night dose. Instacare was already closed so I called one of the nurses that I work with and talked with her about how I was feeling. She told me to get some benadryl and to definitely not take my antibiotic until I could talk to the doctor. I went to bed about 9:45 Friday night because I felt so sick and the benadryl had knocked me out. I had a terrible night and kept getting the chills and then the sweats and I just felt terrible. When I got up Saturday morning the hives had spread all over my body and my face was all swollen up and I looked like a puffed up cherry. So off to instacare I went. The doctor said I was definitely having a severe allergic reaction to my antibiotic. He was deeply concerned because I was short of breath and my respirations were low. He gave me a bunch of steroids and some more benadryl and then waited 30 minutes to see how I did. I still wasn't responding like he hoped so I got an epi shot and then we waited some more. Finally the swelling started to go down and my breathing improved. He sent me home with more steroids and strict instructions to take benadryl for the next two days every four hours. The rash was hideous looking and as you can imagine taking benadryl every few hours made it so I wasn't able to do much of anything all weekend but sleep and lay around in a stupor. So no house work got done this weekend, very little cooking, no church (I missed all my primary munchkins), and poor Peaches has been neglected. Finally today, the rash has seemed to disappear and I am not as itchy. Definitely not a weekend I ever want to redo anytime soon. I never thought I would say that I am ready for a new week to start.

Music has always been very good for my soul and tonight has been no exception. I have had many thoughts watching the Grammy's and seeing Adele do so well. Her album is one of my all time favorites and speaks to my heart and soul. I also find myself being truly touched by the tribute to Whitney Houston and the beautiful rendition that Jennifer Hudson did of her song. I remember growing up to Whitney Houston and she had an amazing voice that will never be forgotten. It is always so tragic when people pass away before it is their time. Music carries such power to it and has always been the best therapy for my soul. I love it and am grateful that there is such beautiful artists like Adele that share their talent with us. I love music. What music speaks to you? 

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