Sunday, July 17, 2011

Women and Sports

As I was watching the All Star baseball game this week and loving every minute of it, I started to think about women and sports. Not every woman loves sports. Not every man does either. It just seems to be more prominent among men. However, I am such a big sports fan and I have my teams I cheer for and I know that women can be just as fanatical as men when it comes to sports. What I don't understand is the women who don't really care for sports until a man comes along and then they cheer for the teams their man loves. All of a sudden, they are buying the shirts and the gear from those teams and make you believe that they have always loved that team when in reality they could have cared less prior. Why do women do this? Why can't you make up your own mind and cheer for a team you want to even if it is the opposite team your man might love. I think it helps add spice and diversity to your relationship and also shows that you have a mind of your own and can decide who you do or don't like. I just can't stand people who jump on the bandwagon. Is it just me or do others feel this way also?

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