Monday, July 18, 2011

Do you have a BFF?

So the company I work for just received an award for a Great Workplace and it states that we are one of the most engaged workforces in the world. One of the questions they had us answer on a satisfaction survey we did was whether or not we had a best friend at work? At first, I thought is seemed like a funny question to ask, but then I read an article that talked about how people who have friends at work and get along well with those they work with are more successful and productive in the workplace. I discussed this with several of my co-workers and we all honestly felt that we care for each other as individuals and we really are friends. I know they all have my back if I need it and they have mine. One of my co-workers, Stephanie and I have decided that we will be each other's best friends in the workplace. While I hate the term BFF we use it quite frequently to greet each other in the morning or when we are leaving for the day. My BFF and I have a lot of fun at work and I honestly understand what they are talking about now with asking if you have a best friend at work. I also have a lot of "moms" at work and that is great too.

This summer our office has also been involved with a Summer Slim Down program and I read an article about being active at work and for even a few minutes a day it helps you burn more calories and also helps you be more productive with your job. So I instituted "dance time" at the office at 10:00 and 4:00 everyday. Sometimes we are not exact on the times, but it has been fun and it does help wake me up for that last hour of work. I love our dance time with my work moms and my BFF. So if you don't dance at your work, give it a try. I have created our own dance mix and am happy to share some of the happy tunes that we get down to and if you are ever nearby our office feel free to come join us for our dance minutes. I think Ellen DeGeneres would approve and honestly how do you argue with research that says it makes you more productive :). Happy Dancing to you all!


  1. I totally agree! My favorite job was the one I had lots of BFFs at work. The only sad thing about it is when your BFF leaves your work (or in my case the company went under and so we all lost our jobs). that is a sad day, and your friendship just isn't the same when you don't see each other all day every day! One of my BFFs at that job was offered a similar job a couple of years later at a different company. She was asking me if I though she should take it. The deciding factor was, the work we were doing wasn't that fun, but the people we worked with made it a great job. So to go to a new company and do the same thing, just wouldn't be worth it!

    PS I really like your "real" blog. I always admire people that can blog for real. I don't really consider my blog a "real" one. It is just a journal of our life's happenings.

  2. Hey Shannon I like this blog you started. You should be a writer. :) seriously. Way to go getting everyone dancing at work. Next you should get them boxing. You'd beat their pants off! ;)

  3. Ooh my post will be displayed after approval huh? Hmm I hope I pass the test! :)

  4. Thanks ladies for the comments :). Stacy I am glad that you agree. And I love your blog it is a real one I am not sure what you are talking about :). And Brooke, I should not be a writer. I am not that good and have terrible grammar and write way too many run on sentences. I am just opinionated :). Dancing at home you should try too. Seriously makes the day better. Also, I do have a punching bag at work. Seriously it was a gift from my last intern. Funny huh.

  5. I love this one! your BFF :)

  6. So here is my real comment!
    I have the bestest BFF @ work ever!
    It's funny cause even some of the other staff here at work have commented on us being BFF's. One Employee asked me where Shannon was one day, and I told them that she was out of the office for a few days and they said to me, "How are you going to Survive here without your BFF" and I said that I just didn't know how I would get through it. -- We all laughed and of course I had to tell Shannon when she got back.

    But we have fun at work, we get our jobs done and help each other relieve stress. We have fun with our Get up and Dance time! It helps keep us going and gives us a laugh.

    This is a Great Blog Shannon. I cant wait to see what you post next!
    your BFF :)

  7. I wish I worked with you!! I love the dance time..i can see you shakin' it now!! so what songs are on your dance mix-i would love to know! I hope some good '80's! love, jamie