Sunday, September 18, 2011


I must say I have never been a huge football fan like so many people in the U.S. I have always preferred baseball and basketball. However, there can be something said for live football when you are actually in the stadium with the crowd being surrounded by the sounds, the music, and the excitement of a game. I was once again reminded last week when I had the opportunity to go the Utah State Aggie football game against Weber State. I won the Intermountain Healthcare tickets in a drawing and I was so excited especially since I feel like I never win anything. My work BFF, Stephanie, went with me and we had a wonderful time. We were cheering, booing, high five-ing, and even dancing at the game. It was exciting and  I was so glad that I remembed why it is that millions of Americans love it. That being said, I think college football is exciting. I am still thinking that pro-football players are babies in a lot of ways. If you need proof, just watch an Australian Football League play a game sometime. Those pro players play football without pads and tackle just as hard. They get hit, loose a tooth, and go right back in the game. Our pro players get a hangnail and miss several games. Totally wimpy! Just my opinion. But I am learning to like it more and I realize that not all players are like that. My sister and her family are good friends with Eric Weddle, who plays for the Chargers and there are players like him who have a good work ethic. What do you think about football or pro-sports in general and is there a favorite team you cheer for? And please don't say it's your husband's team. Have your own favorite!

Steph and I before the game started dressed in our Aggie blue!

I had so much fun with her and can't wait until our getaway to Boise next month to see David Cook in concert!

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