Sunday, May 20, 2012

Guitar Recitals and Rugby Games

 Last weekend was a busy one full of family and fun. On Saturday, I got up early to meet my parents so we could all drive down to South Jordan for my nephew, McCrae's rugby game. McCrae and his brother Austin live in St. George with their mom and I miss them so much so any chance to see them, I will take. McCrae has really been loving rugby. My mom and I worry a little about him getting injured, since they don't wear pads and it can get kind of rough,of  but he likes it and fingers crossed so far no injuries. Now, rugby even though I saw some it played when I was in Australia, I still don't get all the rules. The other team that they played had a really loud cheering section and even though I didn't know what I was cheering and yelling for, I decided to show support to McCrae and his team by yelling too. My dad wasn't real thrilled about me being noisy and kept telling me to stop since I didn't know what I was talking about. This is his second game I have been to so I have picked up a few things. The players can only pass backward or to the side or it's an illegal pass. There are several different ways to score. Anyway, I joked that we all needed the book "Rugby for Dummies" so we could figure it out. I did find this very helpful video on youtube that helps explain some of the basic rules so if you are really that curious, you can watch:

McCrae plays more of a defensive role and is the one doing a lot of tackling. He is also the jumper in a lineout (what I call the cheerleader pose) since he is so tall. He played really well and his team won and is headed to the state playoffs next week at the University of Utah. It was great to see him and Austin. I love them so much. McCrae is such a sweetie. He made all his grandma's a braided bracelet for Mother's Day and he made one for me too. He is so thoughtful. What great kids they are!

After we got back home from the game, Andre and Kendyl came over to my parent's house since my sister and Wes were going to a friend's surprise party. So I played with the kids, then we went to the Tremonton Fire Department's Steak Fry that they do every year as a fundraiser. They had strawberry shortcake for dessert and Kendyl loves strawberries and she had two helpings and then licked her bowl clean when she was done. I wish I had gotten a picture of that :). Then I had to go back home and do my chores for the week. So tired when I was done.

The next day was Mother's Day and Andre had his guitar recital. He was very excited about it and not nervous at all. After church, I headed over to Tremonton had dinner with my family and then we went to Andre's recital. He played Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive" and even though the song is harder than his skill level, he did a great job. We were all so proud of him. Kendyl stole my camera and got some really good pictures of him and everyone. I think she might take after her mama and be a photographer one day. It was a great weekend even though it was so busy. Here are some of the pictures taken from the weekend:

McCrae is number 17. One of the tall ones with skinny legs :).
This was them getting ready for the lineout or what I call the cheerleader.
McCrae is the one being lifted in the back.

Doing some tackling.
and shoving.

This is a scrum (see the instructional video if you want to know what it is)
His team celebrating their win.

My mom called this a gentleman's game since they all bow to the crowd after the game. I think it's still kind of too rough to be called that. But it is cool to see them all bow together.
Me and my Austi-poo. Love that face!
They look like proud grandparents don't you think :)
This kid grows more every time I see him. Look at him tower over me. Seriously it was just yesterday that he was barely to my knees...
I think they have the same smile. Definitely cut from the same cloth.
Probably my favorite picture. I captured a sweet moment with the two of them.
Andre just before his performance.
Kendyl took these next few pictures.

These two look alike too.
Andre and I. He just got glasses, doesn't he look cute in them :).
 My silly girl!
Love her!

Andre's performance of "Wanted Dead or Alive".

I sure love my family and feel very blessed to have them in my life. Love you all!

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