Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Recap

 I know I have been a slacker about blogging this summer. It just seems that I have been busy doing so many different things that I haven't had much time to blog. Here is a recap of what my summer has been like so far in photos:
Saw a bear in Island Park finally.

 Celebrated my dad's birthday and father's day.

 He bought himself another four wheeler for a present to himself. Now we have 5 for Island Park :)

 Spent some time with my favorite girl watching the Disney Channel on Grandma and Grandpa's bed.

 I sure love snuggling with her.

 Went to some of Kendyl's t-ball games.

 This boy likes Kendyl and kept teasing her. She threw grass on him :)

 Watched some of Andre's baseball games.

 He's a great pitcher and catcher.

 He even made the All-Star game.

Love that kid!

 Had a fun evening with two of my favorite people. My cousins and friends, Natalie and Katie. We grew up across the street from each other and always played together with my sister too. Natalie's hubby is in the military so they move a lot. She came to visit Utah in between their move from DC to Hawaii. Yes, she moved to Hawaii. Which gives me a great reason to go see her :). Anyway, we had a delicious meal at Le Nonne and then went shopping. I forget how much fun we have together. We seriously need to do it more often. Perhaps in Hawaii :).

 Natalie and I lived together for three of our college years too. So we have a lot of hilarious stories that are the same. Makes for lots of laughing.

Was busy training for a 5K I ran with my friend Brooke who is a rockstar and runs marathons for fun. I don't even think she broke a sweat. We ran the Logan River trail a lot to get ready for it. She even stop some people from stealing from someone else on the trail.
 Running is hard for me because of my asthma, but this 5K was for a good cause (fundraiser for cancer) so I pushed myself.

The boys came to visit which is always a special treat. We spent the week of the 4th of July with them up at the cabin. They are growing up so fast. I am glad we get to see them. I need to make more trips to St.George to visit them! Here are some photos from our trip to Island Park on the 4th.

 This is a cake I made for us to celebrate. Austin helped me decorate it and he was so proud of it. He insisted I get a picture of him with it. Love this kid and he is so creative and artistic.

 Our cake. It was an almond cake and it was delish!

 Even though McCrae towers over me, he is still only 14, but Grandpa told him to move my car up a little. Glad he didn't crash it and I don't think I am ready for him to be driving.

 One of the many pretty rides my dad took us on through the trees. I swear he knows every road and trail up there.

 Me and the boys :)

 Always striking a pose :)

 We watched a beautiful sunset while we waited for the fireworks.

 That is Sawtelle Peak behind us.

 Austin kept telling me to take more pictures so I have tons of the fireworks. Here are just a few of my favorites.

 The next morning we went for another ride and literally ran right into this fella. He didn't seem to mind us staring at him for a bit.

 We got back from the ride and had lunch. We wore my dad out so much that he fell asleep in the chair still holding his fork from lunch :)

 A place we have been going to ever since we have been to Island Park. We call it the swimming hole.

 The moose wanted to go for a swim too.

 They actually look like they like each other in this one.

 With the grandparents on the last night there.

The only bear I got close to on this trip :).
It was fun and I am glad I could be up there with my family. Love them so much!

Participated in the Relay for Life fundraiser with Team Fish Fight. Had fun walking for a good cause and was inspired by so many people and their strength. Also loved doing some zumba with my good friend Steph while we walked. Next year, I want to pledge to walk for 24 miles. Kinda scary, but I believe I can do it :).

Now you know why I haven't had any time to blog. Just been too busy, but I will try and do better. Hope everyone continues to enjoy their summer!

Also, Happy Pioneer Day! I am grateful for all those who sacrificed for their beliefs and their faith. God bless them and those who continue to sacrifice for their faith even now.

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