Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Project

As I said in my previous post, this year I wanted to focus more on giving gifts rather than presents. My Primary kids were no exception to that. This is now my second Christmas as Primary President for the ward and last year we gave them candy canes for Christmas with a little note about the importance of the Shepherd's hook. I fine present, but I wanted to give them something more meaningful this year. In our Presidency meeting we talked about making them blocks for their room. Now I do not really enjoy doing crafts that much. I don't have the patience for them, plus I think I drew the short straw on talent with crafts. My sister has all the creative talent in our family. That being said, you know I must love all of my Primary kids to decide to make something for them especially something that involved mod podge :). Here are some pictures of what the blocks look like.

I told them all that we often build our testimonies one block at a time and we do it by following and having a knowledge of several different principles. These are the ones we focused on for their blocks.
1. They need to make choices to choose the right way.
2. They need to gain a testimony of the Temple and make it a goal to go there someday.
3. They need to know who they are and be happy with that.
4. They need to know that Jesus loves them and is there for them always.
5. It is important to follow the teachings of the Prophet and other leaders.
6. They need to always remember that they are A child of God. This will help them get through the hard things in life.

They can take this one block of teachings and principles and build on that to make their lives better and their testimonies stronger. It can serve as a reminder to them for the entire year and beyond. I hope that they know how much they mean to me and how much I enjoyed actually making these for them and see them as the gift they were intended to be.
Here are almost all of them once they were done. Many thanks to my counselors and secretary for all their hard work and talent in putting them together.


  1. Those are really cute blocks, my boys love them! You guys do an awesome job!

  2. Love these blocks! Thanks so much for putting all that time into making them for our kids. You are such an amazing Primary President. You truly serve the kids and give your all. That means a lot as a parent. Thank you!!!